Rope Access

Why Rope Access?

Rope access ensures that all aspects of a building are covered, including the hard to reach areas. That otherwise could be missed from ground level.  When buildings are only inspected from ground level this can lead to assumptions being made that are often incorrect and sometimes financially disastrous.


Rope access allows us to go where binoculars and scaffolding cannot. This enables us to see all the way up to the very top of the building because that’s where we start. We can see every problem close up because we are on the building instead of seeing it from the ground.


Why Scaffolding is Ineffective

Scaffolding is costly from both a material stand point as well as the labour costs involved in erecting it. Once the scaffolding is up, it can often make it difficult for a workforce to get to exactly where they need to because the poles and bars of the scaffold are right in the way. There is no way to get around them because the scaffolding doesn’t move.


Hiring scaffolding isn’t an effective use of budget because it is ineffective in completing the job fully. Think about the area scaffolding takes up and you’ll realise that workers cannot accurately get to all aspects of the building and therefore skip over areas that could need serious work. As a result, this leaves the job incomplete. In fact, there are many times when a rope access company is brought in after the scaffolding has been taken down to help complete the job to a satisfactory level.


Our team have completed multiple surveys because we know what we are looking at, we are trusted by our clients.



A proper inspection or conservation conducted utilising rope access will save thousands of pounds before the building maintenance has even started.