Rope Access Lime washing

Lime wash is a very ancient paint made from limestone which has been crushed, burnt and slaked with water to make lime putty. It is coloured with pigments and can be used internally or externally where it works best on porous surfaces such as a traditional lime plaster, lime render, stone and brick.

Traditionally Limewash was the principal finish applied externally and internally to historic buildings, quite often applied directly to the masonry or brickwork and more commonly to pre-applied lime coatings (i.e. harling, plaster, render etc;). Although often thought of as a decorative coating, the limewash was first of all a protective layer to the lime coatings and masonry substrate. On new lime renders and plasters it unifies and protects the surface particularly while strength is developing within the new plaster.


Limewash is a breathable coating allowing evaporation of moisture and water vapour. Limewash is also a repairing material, being used to fill small shrinkage cracks on the lime coverings. 

In its simplest form, limewash is lime putty diluted by water to turn it into a milky consistency.

Why pay for expensive scaffolding to lime wash your castle or house, we can offer this service utilising rope access.  Our experienced technicians will work with you to achieve a beautiful finish.