Condition Reports

At Conservation Access we can offer high level video inspections and detailed condition reports, using rope access solutions to offer a very unique and detailed report.  We are able to get close up and access areas of your building that would otherwise be difficult to view and inspect at ground level.  


This is a great way to understand the current state of repair of your whole building and how we can make it safe.


 Using our extensive knowledge and experience we can provide you with a detailed report and help you understand what is required to conserve your building.


If during our inspection we identify any loose or unsafe masonry, we will ensure that we remove or repair this straight away to ensure that we make it safe to you and the public.


The above photo was from a detailed high level video condition report and building survey for The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The conservation Access high level inspections

Years Of Experience

We've been servicing Scotland for years, giving us a unique set of knowledge and experience. We truly understand the buildings in the city and are prepared to help you keep your building looking the way it did the day it was built.


Partner with a team of true experts who have years of experience under their belts and know your building is being taken care of by the best of the best.


Private & Commercial Buildings

We don't just limit ourselves to one type of building. After all, in a city steeped in history such as Edinburgh, you may have private buildings or castles which need a inspection on them.




Dedicated Experts

The team at  Conservation Access has  dedicated to our trade. Each one of our rope access persons ar a highly trained in their field. Know that when you work with our team, you're getting truly dedicated and committed service.


Fast And Reliable

When it comes to building repairs, there's no time to lose! Our team offers fast and reliable service that lets you get back in your building and resume your daily tasks in no time at all.


When you give us a call, we'll dispatch our workers as soon as possible so that you can get your building back in good shape.