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About Us

We specialise in buidling  conservation to both historic and modern buildings across Edinburgh and the UK.  We use the means of rope access to provide a cost effect way to restore your building without the need for scaffolding.



  • Conservation 
  • Building Inspection 
  • Condition reports
  • Lime Pointing
  • Lime Washing
  • Painting
  • Roofing  
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Rope Access
  • Roof repairs


We are based in Edinburgh and we travel all over uk to help you repair your historic building, so please contact us.


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We love what we do - Rope Access Edinburgh

We are an Edinburgh based Rope Access company.  We are passionate about our rich history and we feel proud that we can play and have played a part in conserving our architectural history now and in the future.   We have had the great opportunity of helping restore some of our countries most iconic buildings and we continue to feel humble at the opportunities that we have had, as well as having the drive to continue to provide our expertise in the future.  


Rope access ensures that all aspects of a building are covered, including the hard to reach areas. That otherwise could be missed from ground level.  When buildings are only inspected from ground level this can lead to assumptions being made that are often incorrect and sometimes financially disastrous.


Ropes access allows us to go where binoculars and scaffolding cannot. This enables us to see all the way up to the very top of the building because that’s where we start. We can see every problem close up because we are on the building instead of seeing it from the ground.


We carry out all building maintenance work, not only on the main body of your building but all the way up and including any roof repairs, gutter cleaning/maintenance and building inspections.


Our heritage is all that has been passed to us by previous generations.  It is all around us and without it we wouldn’t be where we are today.  At Conservation Access we believe our work truly helps us preserve our pas for generations to come.  We are driven by our passion to take care of our architectural history and prolong its life for as long as possible.


We take a holistic and caring approach to our work and we believe that this is what truly makes us unique and sets us apart in our industry.  We are not only specialists in conservation but we are skilled in rope access which means we can take care of your entire building, preserving it the way that it deserves.


We would love to hear from you, please contact us at Conservation Rope Access Edinburgh for a detailed building survey or a conservation project using rope access.