Rope access lime pointing

Stone built properties were originally built and pointed using lime mortar and to this day, it is still the best material to use with sandstone. Lime mortar is permeable and allows water vapour to permeate from the building, allowing it to “breathe” effectively. Lime is environmentally friendly as it is recyclable, biodegradable and generates less CO2 emissions in its manufacture. Lime mortar is aesthetically more pleasing compared to cement mortar which has an unsightly grey hue. Colour and texture variations in lime mortar can be achieved by altering sands and limes. Often sandstone structures are repointed in Ordinary Portland Cement as this is sometimes seen as a cheaper alternative. This is however detrimental to the stone, trapping moisture, causing the stone to disaggregate and weather much faster. This often leaves the pointing proud of the face of the stone which accelerates the problem. Lime lasts years and can solve problems, cement is a short term fix that creates problems in the future.